C. T. Mills is a poet based in the rural north east of England. He is more than a little obsessed with the way that language works, and the way poetry works to convey emotions that are often highly specific to the author in a way that can be understood more universally by its audience.

At present, his research is centered around translation and retelling of Old English poetry. In 2020 he published the traveler’s guide to the new wor(l)d, an adaptation of the poem The Seafarer, and his current research is based around the ways Beowulf informs our sense of national identity.

He holds a BA(Hons) in English and Creative Writing, and an MA in Medieval Studies, both from Royal Holloway University of London, which is also where he is based as a PGR.

His solo projects can be found in the Current & Upcoming page; he has been featured in several anthologies including Striking Bodies, Striking Minds (Ellipsis Imprints, 2020) and Rewilding (Crested Tit Collective, 2020).

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